Everyone knows the global economic crunch has changed the face of media production. Squeezing budgets and demanding more bang for your hard won project buck. But you still need to shoot and deliver- right? What should you do? Shooting with modern digital technologies will take you part of the way but what else can you do to keep the project alive? Hire a Shoot Fixer!


What the heck is a Shoot Fixer?

Do you need a safe but flexible pair of hands on the ground in New Zealand that you can partner with to handle any film, video or photo production & location requirements at an affordable cost? The kind of solution perfect for those smaller scale shoots where you just want to keep your crew footprint fast and light while keeping your expenditure right down.


Our Shoot Fixers are a cross between Location Scouts, Production Managers, and Assistant Directors, able to place focus on any of these areas to meet your unique requirements. We are most happy working with international Production Companies, Film & Documentary Crews, Post Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Stills Photographers/Agents, or whoever has the need. It doesn't matter what you are producing - what does matter is getting your shoot sorted!


We offer highly experienced media industry practitioners whom in the course of their careers have developed multiple skills particularly in the field of location based production work. We are ready and willing to place these skills to great advantage on your production.

What's the difference between the Fixer service and a Line Production?


Unlike a Line Production where you sign on a local production company to facilitate your entire shoot, a Shoot Fixer is hired to perform a set task or combination of tasks only. You stay in complete control of your production budget. A Shoot Fixer is charged out to you on a daily basis just like other freelance crew. You pay only for the time you use them and there is no overhead or mark-up - just an hourly, daily or weekly rate agreed up front. You can book fixers for specific dates to accommodate your requirement and once you are finished with them, they are off your payroll!


Shoot Fixers capably handle smaller size productions with crews from a few up to about 15 people max. We don't take on a position of financial middle man responsible for your production but leave that to you. We act purely to facilitate the relationship between you and any local independent service providers enlisted to supply what you need. You decide who is hired and the package required, paying for it directly. We have no vested interest in making you spend more, remaining purely focused on ensuring you get what you came for.

However if you are planning a full scale production and require a locally recognised business platform to work from that can pay crew & suppliers, effectively handle tax issues, and provide business protection on your behalf then we recommend you engage our Line Production service.




Get in touch!


If you wish to avail yourself of any of our Shoot Fixer services please send an email with SHOOT FIXER REQUIRED in the subject line: fixer@joyridefilms.com


What can our Shoot Fixers do for you?

With our vast network of contacts & supplier arrangements throughout the country we have the capability of organising any of your shoot requirements.  Below is a list of tasks we can attend to on your behalf, but it is not a definitive list.  We are happy to handle whatever you require.  Just ask!


Production Co-ordination

Crew booking (as required)

Casting/Talent Finding

Location Scouting

Location Permissions, Agreements, & Permitting

Location Management

Studio Hire

Equipment Hire - Camera/Lighting/Sound/Special

Art Department Requirements

Make-Up & Wardrobe

Production/Unit Supplies

Entry Visa Assistance



Hotels & Accommodation

Airport Greetings

Drivers /Chaperones/ Tour Guides




Callsheets & Schedules

Data Management

Laboratory Liaison


Post Production booking & Facilitation


Cost Capture & Reporting