JoyRide can handle all your local photo production requirements. We have successfully pulled off a number of previous campaigns for high profile clients such as Italian 4WD vehicle manufacturer Iveco, Brazilian credit card company Visa, and Indian cold cream maker Emami Malai Kesar to name a few.


Whether a stand-alone photo shoot or as an addition to your TVC shoot we can creatively bring it all together for you.

Joyride can assist you from the very beginning of your concept or layout design by pulling location options from our extensive image database keeping in mind your budget and logistical constraints.


With the certainty of knowing what can be achieved we will move onto organising scouting, recces, gain permissions, provide crew, equipment and logistical support customised to meet your unique requirements. Whatever support you require we can handle it - just ask.

Utilising our vast location experience and the liberating flexibility of being light on our feet the possibilities are unparalleled as to what can be achieved in stunning New Zealand. From the dramatic mountain tops and glaciers, through bush clad valleys, sparkling lakes, rivers and streams down to the expansive grass plains and pristine beaches, New Zealand is an untouched natural canvas of opportunity ready upon which to paint your visual magic.