The Company

Joyride Films is a New Zealand based Production Company providing a full range of production support services to overseas clients.  Established in 2003 Joyride quickly established itself as one of the country’s leading players in International Line Production, and also offers quality Photo and Fixer support services.


We love production and our passion is finding a way to 'shoot it for real'.  Taking an extraordinary creative concept wrought with complexities, turning production upside down & inside out to design a winning solution.  That’s what makes us tick!


Contemporary industry trends have pushed the boundaries to a zone where exceptional drive, flexibility and ingenuity is essential to ensure hard won creative ideas are realised to full potential.  Joyride is a high performance production engine ready to drive the modern production challenge to a successful creative conclusion.  Our primary focus is on problem solving to give birth to great ideas, producing quality work and happy clients in the process.

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Service Advantage

  • Quality services at competitive rates
  • Mission focused instead of margin
  • Custom built solutions
  • Flexible to take on any size project
  • All or part of the task done
  • Lower fees = added value
  • Fast response and attention to detail
  • Experts on locations and logistics
  • Proven problem solving skills
  • Complex production handled with ease
  • The project comes first – No agendas!
  • Reputation & integrity are everything